Did you see Quentin Tarantino’s latest filmOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood?

It hit theaters in July 2019 and was another very interesting film in the career of the legendary director.

The movie also produced a pretty hilarious meme that folks on social media can’t seem to get enough of.

There’s a scene in the movie where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character points and now people on social media are using the image to make funny memes that “point out” funny and obvious things.

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Here are some of the funniest examples out there.

1. I love when that happens!

Hey, it’s a wonderful life! Get it?!?!

2. Oh, it’s begun…

I’m glad he pointed it out…when it begins…

3. The women are little.

Hence, the name of the film…

4. I see what you did there.

We’re in the ENDGAME now.


5. I think I see him.

He’s right there!

6. They’re all around you.

I knew they named it that for a reason.

7. And there’s a little fire.

What would we do without Leo?


8. I know that dude!

That’s very exciting.

9. Call me by your name.

Have you seen that one yet?

10. Gets them all fired up.

What is that sound I hear…?

11. You better mute that RIGHT NOW.

How rude!!!!

12. Oh, he got out alright!

Leo nails it again!

Those are pretty hilarious!

Have you seen any good “Leo pointing” memes lately?

Or maybe you even made your own?

Please share them with us in the comments!

Let’s see what ya got!