It’s impossible to see everything the world has to offer during our short time on Earth. Thankfully, the internet exists so we can see some truly amazing sights from the comfort of our computers.

We’ve compiled this list of strange, unique, and unusual pictures that we believe everyone should have the pleasure of seeing before they die. Enjoy!

1. A space shuttle leaving the atmosphere.

Photo Credit: NASA

2. A biologist asked her young son to put his palm on a Petri dish. This was the result after a few days.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @tasturm1

3. A preserved tattoo.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ahaxi

4. Double the ad space.

Photo Credit: Reddit: aviatorlj

5. “This is an intact human nervous system that was dissected by medical students in 1925. It took them over 1,500 hours.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: DerekS428

6. A view of Venice from the sky.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Hogron555

7. “I have only 4 fingers on my left hand and an index finger instead of a thumb.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: evan4765

8. “This local Mexican restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant. Instead of painting over the mural, they just put sombreros on the pandas.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Bombaskos

9. Salt and pepper under a magnifying glass.

Photo Credit: Reddit: XiphiasZ

10. “My girlfriend found a bottle in the forest, which turned into a natural terrarium.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: pwiwjemswpw

11. “Untouched 1800’s cemetery preserved in the basement of a tall building built over it.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: HierEncore

12. Viking ax pre- and post-restoration.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Petaaa

13. “I got a gummy beaver in my bag of gummy bears.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: cmalkus

14. “After having worked 15 years in the lobster industry, I got this one!”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Solomond420