Luck – some people have it and others don’t. But you don’t often see the latter bragging about it on the internet. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of people with more luck than they know what to do with.

1. The nail went right between his toes.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: koshovan

2. This sneaky bird blocked the police from identifying his license plate.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Aeogor

3. “Found a safe in our floor during the house renovation.”

4. Two cones for the price of one (came in a package).

5. “2 palindromic bus tickets for different buses on the same day!”

Photo Credit: Pikabu: mardwean

6. Even a throw that bad managed to hit the target.

7. The shark took a “test bite” and decided against eating her.

Photo Credit: Imgur: drhardway111

8. One inch…

Photo Credit: Pikabu

9. Whoa.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Vozy9371

10. Close call.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Nuclearoid

11. If four-leaf clovers are good luck, then five-leaf clovers are luck for life.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Vonabalab

12. That tree really wanted to park there, huh?

Photo Credit: Pikabu: warlock

13. Always take a look inside.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: umutalip

14. Double banana.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Sharpie

15. This student lucked out.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Dual1ity

16. Um, I think you just won.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: vasilkov07

17. Ice cream and a half.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: kaban056