Sometime during the course of history, Mondays became cursed. We don’t know if it’s the fact that Mondays are the first day of the work week, or… wait, no, yeah, that’s probably it. Mondays stink, but at least your Monday is gonna be better than these people’s.

1. Ouch.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: lulu20

2. “Hey boss, I’ll save you some time. I’m fired.”

Photo Credit: AcidCow

3. I hope they’re not using the HOV lane!

Photo Credit: Reddit: TheAndyC

4. “Ah, what a lovely goose. Hold on, what does this sign say?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: MegaFgit33

5. “Sorry, honey, a baboon stole the groceries.”

6. At least it made for some great photos.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

7. This makes my soul hurt.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @GrPhobia

8. If you can afford a car that looks like that, then you can afford to get it cleaned.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

9. Hope everyone at the office is cool with my morning breath.

Photo Credit: Imgur: LadyDildozord

10. Nope.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

11. Annnnnd…I’m going back to bed.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

12. Some days, your breakfast eats you.

Photo Credit: AcidCow