Pit Bulls have a bad reputation, but that’s not their fault. When pets are aggressive, it’s usually because of their owner – not some inherent problem that they were born with.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these photos of pit bulls hanging out with kids. If they don’t convince you, nothing will.

1. Watching videos together.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Hannah0714

2. Nap buddies.

Photo Credit: Reddit: @froyo0102

3. They make pretty great pillows.

Photo Credit: Reddit: MAES1306

4. And give awesome kisses.

Photo Credit: Instagram: lekasworld

5. Twins!

6. Look at how cozy they are.

7. This baby is scarier than any pit bull could ever be!

8. Look at that happy pup.

9. Snuggle-fest.

10. Her best friend.

11. They’re willing to share their beds with you.

12. And they love kisses!