Don’t spike the football and don’t rub it in!

I remember that advice from various coaches when I was growing up playing sports.

Another one they should have included is “don’t celebrate too early. Ever!”

Because sometimes your celebration gets turned on its head and then you look like a total moron.

Let’s check out some examples of what I’m talking about, shall we?

1. Poor Missippi…that place just can’t catch a break.

I think that’s how you spell it, right?

byu/coolman11450 inPrematurecelebration

2. Sorry about that.

Well, that has to be pretty frustrating, right?

Random selection
byu/Unlimited_negativity inPrematurecelebration

3. Thanks for the confession.

Come on dude, don’t broadcast that kind of stuff!

Death and taxes
byu/Ebadd inPrematurecelebration

4. This is definitely NOT a good idea.

And now you can’t get any food delivered! Are you satisfied?!?!

Good idea to straight up tell everyone that you’re scamming a company
byu/yeetlolbeans inPrematurecelebration

5. It was fun while it lasted…

And then March came around…

2020 is going so great
byu/supermoo7000 inPrematurecelebration

6. Doh! Spoke too soon!

Hey, you gotta be careful out there!

Too soon
byu/iAmbee35 inPrematurecelebration

7. That didn’t end well.

Those things ain’t cheap, either!

Showing off a bottle of Johnny Walker
byu/RogerDat143 inPrematurecelebration

8. The definition of a premature celebration.

Gotta wait til you cross the finish line!

Rollerblader prematurely celebrates victory then gets robbed.
byu/Ghulam_Jewel inPrematurecelebration

9. Time to start from zero again…

Well, isn’t that a bummer?

byu/Libra_Dan_iella inPrematurecelebration

10. This really didn’t age well, huh?

The iPhone definitely didn’t go the way of the dodo.

Microsoft employees holding a funeral for the iPhone following the “success” of their Windows phone (crosspost from r/agedlikemilk)
byu/Alexius08 inPrematurecelebration

11. Crime doesn’t pay.

At least it doesn’t most of the time.

My friend’s two most recent snaps on his story
byu/jeberly4 inPrematurecelebration

12. This is gonna get ugly.

When the groom-to-be makes a comment like this, it’s time to reevaluate things.

byu/dirtymick87 inPrematurecelebration

Have you ever celebrated too early and then felt like an idiot?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot, ladies and gents!