It’s never a good idea to gloat.

And it’s really never a good idea to gloat or celebrate anything too early because if it backfires and ends up going south, well, you’re just gonna look like a big DUMMY.

And no one wants that…know what I’m saying?

Let’s all look at these important examples of “premature celebration”. I think we can all learn a few lessons here.

You may proceed…

1. I like how he’s broadcasting this to the world.

Dude, get a grip…Actually don’t, this is pretty entertaining.

That escalated quickly from Prematurecelebration

2. That didn’t end well.

Nice effort, though…

Meirl from Prematurecelebration

3. Sorry to hear about Bill.

He’s definitely NOT alive and kicking anymore.

Rip Gary F from Prematurecelebration

4. Are you sure about that?

Okay, if you say so…

Never obsolete from Prematurecelebration

5. You spoke too soon, Toronto Blue Jays.

Not a good look, guys.

The Toronto Blue Jays react to all the cancelled MLB games recently from Prematurecelebration

6. I don’t think that’s true at all!

It sure sounds good, though.

This showed up in my tech news feed from Prematurecelebration

7. Don’t start the party just yet.

But hopefully we can all do this sooner than later…

Celebrating too early from Prematurecelebration

8. Poor John Scripps, he didn’t know what was coming.

Well, ain’t that just the darndest thing…?

Does this count? from Prematurecelebration

9. I was just kidding! I swear!

Always make sure the paperwork goes through BEFORE you quit your job.

So… Can I get my job back or nah? from Prematurecelebration

10. Poor England fans, they just can’t catch a break.

Maybe sometime in the next 50 years they’ll get lucky…

No title needed. from Prematurecelebration

11. Was everyone really getting hilariously rich?

Sounds a little bit fishy to me…

The difference between Jan 13, 2018 and Aug 20, 2018 from Prematurecelebration

12. This is why I don’t watch the NFL.

I don’t want to see a choreographed dance routine after every single play.

These guys acting like the they won after an interception from Prematurecelebration

13. Why are you leaving Netflix for Blockbuster?

Okay, maybe not…

Sick burn, Blockbuster. from agedlikemilk

How about you?

Have you ever celebrated too early and then felt like a dummy?

Tell us your stories in the comments.

We can’t wait!