It takes a little bit of time, but it’s always a good idea.

What am I talking about, you might be asking yourself?

Reading the online reviews before you order stuff to be shipped to your house!

Because if you don’t, you’re gonna end up with egg on your face, metaphorically speaking.

Take a look at these folks who learned this lesson the hard way.

1. You look like you’ve been possessed by an entity.

Should we call a priest to perform an exorcism?

I bought some “accent” lashes. They look so natural. from funny

2. He doesn’t look too happy about it.

Let’s see if he can squeeze into that thing.

His XL crate arrived from eBay today. from Wellthatsucks

3. Read the fine print.

Just be wary of the “actual size”. That’s helpful.

Shopping online for coffee tables and came across this review. from funny

4. How is this not fraud?

Even the Apple logo looks a little weird.

Friend bought $600 Apple Watch off eBay. This is what came. from funny

5. Just leave that thing out in the backyard.

Don’t bring it into the house!

6. I hope you’re hungry!

How many people are you cooking for?

My friend’s GF’s dad sent them an xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming by mistake. from funny

7. Might be a good idea to give that to a child.

Just a thought…

Misunderstood my last Amazon purchase [xpost r/facpalm] from funny

8. Elmo has DEFINITELY seen better days.

Well, someone’s birthday was ruined.

We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right…Elmo has seen better days from funny

9. Who’s responsible for this?!?!

Seems like a pretty big screw-up, doesn’t it?

This guy bought a smart phone online but received a stone from Wellthatsucks

10. Not even close, huh?

Well, at least now you have a nice wrist rest.

Ordered a body pillow got a wrist rest instead. I’m about 7.5 bananas tall. from ExpectationVsReality

11. Who’s that creepy old man hiding behind your tree?

I think you should probably call the cops…

what i got vs what i ordered 🙁 from Wellthatsucks

12. Have fun with that!

This is pretty weird…

After 2 months of waiting, I finally got my mystery tent box from ExpectationVsReality

How about you?

Have you ever had a bad online shopping experience like this?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments. Thanks a lot!