To be fair, there are what most people would consider urban hellscapes in pretty much every city around the world.

But some are definitely worse than others. And these places seem to be the kind of spots where you wouldn’t ever want to get stranded or have to spend a night.

Hey, I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just sayin’…

Take a look at these photos and we’ll see you on the other side.

1. I guess you can kind of call this karma?

But still, it’s pretty gross for the people who live there.

The annual monsoon ritual of Mumbai’s ocean giving back what has been dumped in it.
byu/93arkhanov93 inUrbanHell

2. This much traffic gives me anxiety.

I’m guessing this has to be Los Angeles…am I right?

One more lane will fix it
byu/11vidakn inUrbanHell

3. This is totally crazy.

And I’ve heard that the highways in Houston are no joke.

Ah, good old car culture…
byu/biwook inUrbanHell

4. Don’t go with her! Trust me!

There’s no way this is gonna end well…

not a very romantic scene
byu/lazybong inUrbanHell

5. Get a load of the size of Cairo.

It just seems to go on and on forever.

Cairo, Egypt
byu/biwook inUrbanHell

6. Not a whole lot to say about this pic.

You can draw your own conclusions.

byu/yehbikgayehaigormint inUrbanHell

7. Wow! This is not PhotoShopped.

Just a single photo. Pretty crazy.

Before and After a desert is turned into a soulless suburb of a desert. jk, its a single photo of Arizona.
byu/TownPro inUrbanHell

8. Favelas in Brazil are pretty wild.

And also incredibly dangerous.

Electrical wiring and water pipes in a Brazilian favela
byu/justuniqueusername inUrbanHell

9. More traffic in Los Angeles.

This time you get the view at night.

Literally, just Thanksgiving traffic in LA
by inUrbanHell

10. How do people live like this?

I’ll never complain about a cramped apartment ever again.

Petare, Venezuela.
byu/antoine_montt inUrbanHell

11. Seattle has a lot of issues.

As does every big city.

Downtown Seattle, in the heart of the retail district.
byu/unlordtempest inUrbanHell

12. I’ve heard it’s a rough and tumble place.

And you gotta keep your eyes open.

Johannesburg, South Africa
byu/Intricate1779 inUrbanHell

Now we wanna hear from all the readers out there.

What do you think is the worst place you’ve ever been in your life?

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