Sometimes our eyes deceive us – we’re just so used to seeing things one way that when they break from that order, we can’t help but scratch our heads.

The following 12 photos are sure to make you do a double take.

1. How big does this stone look to you? Look at the man next to it for scale.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Dasupalouie

2. There’s no water in this picture. It’s a fence.

Photo Credit: Reddit: sean_t17

3. That’s no lawn…

Photo Credit: Reddit: Mww14

4. Hello!

Photo Credit: Reddit: wennregen

5. Just a couple of local doctors.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. A single blur can make things quite strange.

7. Would you like a piece of…chair?

Photo Credit: Reddit: zeexik

8. I think that shadow just moved.

Photo Credit: Reddit: earthmoonsun

9. Heads up…this is a weird one.

Photo Credit: Reddit: macadamiamin

10. Things aren’t quite right-side-up in this picture.

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Just taking a ride.

Photo Credit: Reddit: liftwaits

12. Can you spot the dollar bill? It just landed that way…

Photo Credit: Reddit: no_ta_ching