It’s good to get a little perspective from time to time.

It opens your mind a little bit and sometimes you even end up looking at the world in some new ways.

Are you ready to look at some photos that might accomplish today?

Well, let’s get started, then!

1. Look at how tiny they are!

That’s pretty wild…

Hummingbird Eggs and Nest from mildlyinteresting

2. Good for you! Keep it up!

Anybody can break the cycle if they put their heart into it.

1st picture was the peak of my opiate addiction. 2nd is a recent of one of me healthy and sober. from MadeMeSmile

3. I’d say we’re pretty closely related, right?

Check out the detail.

chimpanzee fingertip vs human fingertip from interestingasfuck

4. Spend enough time outside, you start to get some color.

And if you stay inside…well, you’ll look like you’re moon-bathing.

The difference in me and my twin’s skin color. he goes outside, i don’t from mildlyinteresting

5. That dog’s head is HUGE.

But he looks like a gentle giant.

Bruce Wayne is a big snuggly cane corso from aww

6. What a cool idea!

I wish the US would do something like that.

Canadian passports under a black light from interestingasfuck

7. Ladies have been asking for this for a long time.

What’s the hold-up on this?

I just want a bigger pocket please, is that too much to ask for? Sincerely, Women everywhere from mildlyinfuriating

8. Fits right in the palm of your hand.

What an adorable little angel.

She fell asleep in my palm as we were cleaning out the kit nest today. from aww

9. A chip off the old block.

A couple of handsome fellas, right there!

Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart. from pics

10. Your art is definitely progressing!

Good for you!

This is what 6 years of practice looks like – my art in 2021 vs 2015! from pics

11. Isn’t science amazing?

I just wish everyone believed in it…

Genetics is so cool, my parents always told me I looked like my dad’s mom but I never got to meet her before she passed away. On the right is my grandmother holding my dad and left is me holding my son, taken exactly 63 years apart! from Damnthatsinteresting

12. Winter vs. Summer in Iceland.

Both of them look pretty great. Which one do you prefer?

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