Don’t you just love all the posturing on social media?

Some people do their best to look and act tough and I personally find it to be pretty hilarious.

And we think you’re really going to enjoy these posts about people who are really trying to convince the world what bada**es they are.

Take a look!

1. This guy blew it BIG TIME!

Dude….it’s not a police car…sorry to break it to you.

Vaping in front of a water service vehicle thinking it’s a cop car.
by iniamverybadass

2. This guy sounds like a real gem.

She got lucky with this fella!

A birthday well wish escalates to ”there will be consequences”
by iniamverybadass

3. I don’t think that’s how it works.

Good story, though!

If a cop is a dick you are legally allowed to beat him up apparently
by iniamverybadass

4. This seems a little bit excessive to me.

They better make his sandwich PERFECTLY…

You never know what will go down at a Subway Sandwich shop
byu/RichPaulsBurner iniamverybadass

5. Do you think he seems a little bit possessive?

Maybe just a little bit?

She always told me he was jealous but dang
byu/TnTMassacre iniamverybadass

6. I have a feeling this isn’t true.

Just something in my gut…

If you have to advertise it, it’s probably not true…
byu/ReformedCanine iniamverybadass

7. Don’t listen to this idiot.

You probably shouldn’t listen to him about ANYTHING, come to think of it.

Even my local police department had to call out this guy’s bullshit
by iniamverybadass

8. Wow! You are awesome!

That was sarcasm, by the way.

His daughter took a laptop home from school to message a boy. So he decides to shoot the laptop that wasn’t even his property.
byu/howmanyletterscaniu iniamverybadass

9. This didn’t go very well.

Also, this person might need some anger management classes.

Badass Boomer responds to being Ok’ed by a journalist he yelled at about climate change.
byu/FreezeSPreston iniamverybadass

10. You called a TSA agent a nerd?

Is that really something to brag about?

Oh man… stay away from this guy!
byu/whippedcreamcheese iniamverybadass

11. This person sounds like a real winner.

Probably has a lot of friends…

Comment on a post about an old couple having to slowly put back potatoes one at a time at a grocery store until the price was low enough because they are poor
byu/CaseyS447 iniamverybadass

12. Total bada** alert! Total bada** alert!

Hell yeah, bro. Show that virus who’s in charge!

Coronavirus is scared of catching me
byu/irich iniamverybadass

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