I guess you have to be a bit of a sports nerd to know some stats off the top of your head, but, in case you didn’t know, sports are hugely popular in this country and some people seem to treat it as their religion.

And I’m kind of guilty of that when it comes to certain teams, as well…

That’s why this Twitter thread of people sharing their favorite surprising sports facts is so cool!

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. A good year for KC.

They’re gonna be good for quite a while, I think…

2. That’s called excellence.

She’s already a legend.

3. Home run hitter.

A great player!

4. RIP to one of the best.

Mr. Aaron will be missed.

5. He was a total bad*ss.

It seemed like he’d never retire.

6. A thrilling running back.

I loved to watch him play!

7. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I never knew this before…

8. Ouch…that one hurts…

They’re in a bit of a dry spell.

9. Oklahoma is pretty good at football.

A fierce rivalry between these two.

10. Otherworldly talent.

One of the best to do it.

11. That won’t be topped.

At least I don’t think it will…

12. Let’s see someone else do this…

We’re still waiting…

What’s your favorite sports fact?

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