Sometimes you get thrown a curveball in life.

Real-life “plot twists” that change everything in an instant.

Sometimes they’re for the better…other times they’re definitely for the worst.

These 12 people took to Reddit to share some of the most surprising plot twists from their lives.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. A medical evaluation

“My wife’s uncle is an incredibly nice guy who absolutely adores his wife. We started hearing about marital issues.

He was becoming more and more argumentative. And then he hit her. They separated. He harassed her to the point that she got a restraining order. He defied the restraining order and was put in jail.

In jail, his issues got him a medical evaluation. Turns out, he had a brain tumor. They removed it. He returned to normal and was released from jail. They’re back together with him back to his wife-adoring self.”

2. Birth father

“I was adopted from South America to the US when I was a toddler and have no memory of my birth parents. I had an older friend/mentor I met in college. I knew him as Mike.

He got me involved in the local church and always went out of his way to help me when I needed someone. I never got to thank him for being there for all the times I needed him. After graduating from college I got to meet my birth mother. She did not know where my father was though. When she died, I got a few of her belongings including some pictures. Guess who was in those pictures?

Mike. He was my birth father.

I tried to reach out to him again and I haven’t heard anything.

No one seems to know where he is now. He knew all of those years that he helped me and went out of his way. I knew this because he always seemed to help me even though he didn’t need to. Back then I just thought he was especially nice but thinking back now he definitely knew something about our relationship that I did not.”

3. Stalker

“When I was a senior in high school, there was freshman girl that ‘Single White Femaled’ me. She would follow me around and tell me how cool and funny I was. She asked what hair product I used, what body spray, where I bought my clothes, etc.

I was not funny or cool, and honestly, it was flattering at first. She styled her hair like mine but it was a high school in the 90’s and we all pretty much did our hair the same. Then she started dressing like me. Then she got involved in all the activities I was in.

Then she started telling people we were cousins. She found my home number in the phone book (again, the 90’s) and would call me all the fre*king time. It was weird. I just went out of my way to avoid her.

After my graduation ceremony, she found me on the field and hugged me. She was sobbing- big ugly, snotty sobs- telling me how she was going to miss me and the school wouldn’t be the same without me there. I peaced out and then completely forgot about her.

Flash forward nine years and I’m just beginning to date the man that is now my husband.

We’re going through old pictures and I see this girl from high school. And I’m like, ‘Hey! I know this girl! She was this weird chick that stalked me in high school! Why do you have a picture of her?’

It was his ex-wife.”

4. Dementia

“During the last year of my grandfather’s life, he had dementia and was having trouble keeping track of reality. Before he was placed into hospice, he kept complaining about a man that was in his house.

He would say that he would come around at night and that he was taking his things and using his stuff. Grandma, of course, kept reassuring him that she was the only one there. His doctor increased his medications because he was losing touch with reality so badly.

Fast forward to my grandfather’s funeral and a man showed up who wasn’t known by more than a few people in the family.

Turns out, he was an old friend of my grandmother’s who showed up to give his support. In a small town like that, it wasn’t exactly an unusual thing to have random people show up to the funeral home who knew the person at some point.

Well, about a year later, my grandmother let slip that she was seeing someone: the guy from the funeral. At this point nothing too odd, they got to talking at church and we thought it was sweet.

Then a bit later sweet, innocent ol’ grandma mentioned that it was their third anniversary.

Grandpa died two years prior. This man was the person that grandpa saw in his house every night. He was the reason that everyone thought grandpa was going crazy, he was the reason that my grandfather was medicated to the point of being a vegetable for the last horrible year of his life.”

5. Bitter rivals

“The little town I grew up in had these two car dealerships on opposite sides of town – one Chevy, one Ford.

They were bitter rivals. Attack ads, bad mouthing talking salesman, billboard wars, you name it.

When the owner of the Chevy dealership died, it came out he’d also owned the Ford dealership by way of a shell company.

No one saw that coming, including a lot of the higher-ups who worked at the dealerships.”

6. Reserved and distant

“My grandfather’s funeral. He was always a fairly reserved and distant father, as far as I understood. He would definitely fit the stereotype of a northern dockworker who comes home expecting dinner to be on the table and then goes to the pub all evening via the bookies.

Anyway, an unsurprising heart attack later, we all gathered for his funeral.

We’re a big, but close family so we know everyone, including his friends. However, one guy turns up, about the same age as my dad and his siblings, who nobody knew.

Long story short, turns out it was my grandfather’s son.

From another family. From another marriage. That went on for as long as his marriage to my grandmother. My grandfather had maintained two marriages over 40 years, having seven children with my grandmother and just the one with this other woman.

They knew about our family and kept away. Apparently, my grandmother knew about them but kept quiet.

Turns out he wasn’t going to the pub every night.”

7. First apartment and new job

“1991, I was 19 and had just signed the lease for my first (solo) apartment. I just got the first paycheck from my new job and I deposited the paycheck at an ATM (another first! I’d always gone into the bank to do it).

Two weeks later, I got my bank statement in the mail and saw with horror that I had only $1.87 in my account. Way wrong, I should have at least $200, I’d been very careful with my spending. I fre*ked, I came within $2 of bouncing my first rent check.

I was literally reaching for the phone to call the bank when the phone rang.

It’s the police, asking if my ATM card was stolen. I checked my wallet and the card was missing (my job at a theater pub came with cash tips so I didn’t use the card often), and told them I was about to call them anyway because I was missing $200 from my account.

‘Well, we’ve got your card, and your $200, so come down to the police station,’ they told me.

I couldn’t figure out how they have my card AND the cash. It just didn’t make sense, so I drove down there.

The detective said someone (let’s call him Bob) pulled in to use an ATM and saw a man acting suspiciously while he was using it: moving back and forth as if trying to dodge the camera.

Bob said the man then left the ATM, got into a car, and drove away at high speeds as if fleeing the scene. Bob then went to the ATM and put his card in, which popped out. Bob then withdrew $200, and then another ATM card popped out.

My card. Bob’s card had popped out because the crook had left my card in the ATM before speeding away. Bob realized he had withdrawn the money from my account, not his, so he brought my card and the cash to the police and reported the attempted theft.

The detective gave me the description of the crook.

According to Bob, it was a man 5’7″, brown hair, round gold-rimmed glasses. I say out loud, ‘So, about my height, my color hair, and glasses like mine,’ before realizing Bob was describing me.

I’d never deposited a check in an ATM before, so I was moving back and forth, following the instructions on the screen, filling out the envelope with my account number, punching the amount in, etc.

I then forgot to take my card out and just left because I’m a giant idiot. I drove away at high speeds because I was 19 and that’s how I drove everywhere.

Worried the detective might be annoyed, I didn’t tell him I was the crook, I just thanked him and left with the money I ‘stole’ from myself.

Somewhere in a box in my closet, I still have the police report where I’m both the victim and the perp.”

8. *Drop the mic*

“A few years ago, I got invited to a friend’s engagement party.

They were throwing a huge bash because they were planning on a very small destination wedding. Later in the evening, my friend’s fiancé took the mic and started thanking everyone for being there.

‘Sorry, Jen will be out to thank you guys in a minute, she’s just having a wardrobe malfunction.’ He went on to tell the story about how they met, how they were best friends and decided to get engaged and finished with something along the lines of, ‘We wish you could all be there and that we could get married right now.

So we’re going to.’

Out walks Jen in her wedding dress.”

9. A perfect match

“I met a guy online, he was cool, found out he lived less than two hours from where I live.

We meet up. First time seeing each other’s actual faces.

Total doppelgangers.

Turns out his father is my bio father’s older brother.

Both our bio dads bailed before we were born. We both were abused as kids by teachers (him at 15, me at 13). Both us have soy allergies and Lysinuric Protein Intolerance (it’s genetic).

And both of us joined the army and failed out during BCT due to undiagnosed mental health issues.

Our lives had run parallel to each other. He’s only a year older than me.

We meet every month for drinks.”

10. Brutal

“My high school sweetheart’s best friend let me know that my girlfriend cheated on me with multiple guys at a party. I broke things off with her that same day. It was a very nasty breakup.

Years and years later, I got a message on Facebook from her best friend.

She explained to me that my high school sweetheart never cheated on me, she just wanted to break us up so that she could have me for herself because I seemed like the ‘perfect boyfriend.’

Her plan backfired because I thought she was ugly, inside and out, and as soon as I broke things off with my girlfriend, I wanted nothing to do with her.

Between her plan failing and the guilt of ruining an otherwise great relationship, she decided to keep her mouth shut.

I don’t know if she told her best friend, but I know that I never will.”

11. So noble

“My sister’s boyfriend decided that he wanted to do more with his architecture skills, so he gave his two weeks notice and moved to Haiti to help rebuild after the earthquake. They stayed together. He had bad phone service, so they mostly kept in touch through emails.

He would send her long emails with photos and stories of what they were doing. This went on for a couple of months.

One off-handed tip from a co-worker and a week of sleuthing later and it turns out he never went to Haiti.

He moved to Seattle to be with his fiance and partner of nine years.”

12. Sort of looked familiar

“I met this girl out at a bar, got her name and number and we agreed to meet up for lunch. Lunch dates are nice because you automatically have a discreet timeframe.

We were chatting before ordering and we got to talking about who I knew from the small town she was from.

I mentioned that she has the same last name as my cousins who live there, just spelled differently. She asked who and I couldn’t remember their first names, but the two youngest are twins. She said, ‘X and Y?’

I said, ‘YES!

that’s it!’ We aren’t a terribly close family.

I looked at her and she was curled up in the smallest posture in what feels like she is sitting behind her chair as she said, ‘I was married to X.’

I let out a tremendous laugh and said, ‘I thought you sort of looked familiar.

You were at grandpa’s funeral right?’ She says yes, and I smirked saying, ‘Thought you were cute then too.’

I hadn’t eaten yet and was starving, so we ordered a sandwich and tried to pretend it wasn’t weird.

When the date ended, I called my mom immediately and told her coyly about the date I had.

Me: ‘Hey mom.’

Mom: ‘Hey honey, how’s it going?’

Me: ‘I just went on this date with this great girl, so much in common blah blah blah, I don’t know if we’ll see each other again though.’

Mom: ‘Why not?’

Me: ‘You and Dad went to her first wedding!’

Couldn’t have made a story up that was this good if I tried.”

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