Who’s that famous comedian who says “get ‘er done?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe his name is Randy the Cable Man.

That’s it, right?

Well, close enough…

The reason I brought that up is because we’re gonna “get ‘er done” with some hilarious tweets.

Y’all ready for this?

Let get this party started!

1. I never thought I’d see the day…

But here we are…


2. I don’t think you were supposed to eat that.

Just to let you know…

3. Is this the coolest trick or treater ever?

You be the judge!

4. I think I’ll just listen to this one song.

Now cut to three hours later.

5. That’s when things can turn ugly in a hurry.

You gotta be careful on social media, friends!


6. This sounds pretty familiar.

Sometimes you just gotta turn it all off.

7. Sounds like he really hit the jackpot.

Actually, time in the middle of nowhere sounds pretty nice.

8. You better believe it!

Looking for a job is also a full-time job.

9. I can relate to this.

Making a lot of mistakes these days, huh?

10. I do this all the time.

And then I forget what they said five seconds later.

11. I don’t understand how card games work no matter how many times they are explained to me.

I feel this tweet!

12. This is how it happened.

It’s all true!

Now it’s your turn to make us laugh.

Share some tweets with us in the comments that you think will make us laugh.

We’d love to hear from you!