I’m gonna make a bold prediction right here, right now.

And you can say you heard it here first when it comes true.

There will be a video store renaissance at some point in the next ten years and places like Blockbuster (but maybe not actually Blockbuster) will see a major resurgence.

Because what’s more fun than roaming through a video store looking for a great flick to watch with family and friends?

Streaming just ain’t cutting it, people!

But until that happens, at least we can enjoy this funny Twitter account that envisions what’s going on inside the last Blockbuster Video store on Earth. Let’s check it out.

1. Those late fees won’t be erased.

Don’t even think about it…

2. We need to do a wellness check.

A little help over here?

3. It’s totally worth it!

Boom! Four posters sold!

4. That’s one way to look at it.

You gotta see the bright side of things.

5. You guys are livin’ the high life!

When did you get so fancy?!?!

6. Colleen is at it again.

You might want to demote her…just an idea…

7. Putting Mr. Pilsen on blast!

Wow…this might get ugly.

8. Ma’am…you have to leave now.

This isn’t the airport!

9. Just their luck…

What else could possibly go wrong?

10. Sure, I’ll give it a shot.

Things might get a little bit weird in here…

11. Not gonna work anymore.

Oh boy, here come the waterworks…

12. Gone but not forgotten.

We will miss you…

Okay, now it’s your turn to make us laugh.

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