Don’t even try to tell me that you’ve never sat around and wondered just what exactly your dog was thinking about…

I know I definitely have before!

And, since we haven’t trained dogs to talk yet, we need to rely on the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account to help us what’s going on inside those canine brains.

Are you ready to get deep and go on a fantastic voyage of discovery? So am I! Let’s do it now!

1. Time to create some chaos.

You knew this was coming!

2. What the hell happened?

Why am I not getting the attention I need?

3. Just take your time…

Even though your owner will be annoyed.

4. I think he’s talking about his toy.

And yes, it needs a bath.

5. You just threw it all away.

Why did you do that?!?!

6. Let’s go down the list.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

7. Inside or outside?

There’s more to it than that…

8. It’s your time to shine.

This is not a drill!

9. He’s your best pal!

But not all dogs think this way…

10. This is what I’ll be doing.

Awwwwww. That’s cute.

11. It’s gonna be a great day!

And we hope you get all the attention you need.

12. Let me introduce myself.

Just don’t eat it!

Do you have any dogs?

Big dogs? Little dogs? Fluffy dogs? short-haired dogs?

If the answer is YES, please share some photos of them in the comments and introduce us to them.

And tell us a little bit about them, as well!

Thanks a lot!