Coming up with something funny to say on a sign outside a bar is like an art form.

The ultimate goal is to get customers to walk inside and wet their whistles and you know these places have a lot of competition, so their zingers better be good.

I was just in Chicago last week and let me tell you, the people writing the sidewalk signs there were ON POINT.

Here are some good bar signs that we think you’ll get a kick out of. Take a look.

1. Now that is COLD.

Be careful, you don’t want to get frostbite!

2. Oh great, there’s LSD in one of the bottles!

Well, at least it will be an adventure!

3. They’re not wrong about this one.

It might even be the solution you’ve been looking for…

4. You’re right, adulting is hard.

No doubt about that!

5. I like this little motto!

Never heard that one before!

6. Can I please live here?

No, you have to go home once in a while. Sorry…

7. The Bieber rage out there is real.

Don’t mess with these people!

8. I see what you did there!

Totally inappropriate…and hilarious!

9. Avoid real life at all costs!

It’s just not worth it!

10. The only 3 Bs you’ll ever need.

But how do you rank them…?

11. Vino is life for some…

Are you one of them?

12. Let us all take a moment to remember 2020…

Now get out there and have some fun!

Have you seen any funny bar signs on the street lately that made you want to stop in and have a cold one?

Share some pics with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!