Parents…you are doing God’s work…

And by that, I’m talking about raising those little monsters that will shape the future of humanity…so keep up the good work.

And have some laughs at these tweets!

1. The truth hurts.

Didn’t see that coming.

2. She has no idea.

If she only knew…

3. A different way to look at it.

Hey, that’s kind of cute! Kind of…

4. She’s right.

Words to live by.

5. She’s evil!

You’re in for it.

6. Yeah, pretty much.

Good times…

7. This is not good…

Where did you go wrong?

8. Not gonna happen!

Kids today…

9. Oh, really?

If we make it that far…

10. Thanks, kid.

That was beautiful!

11. What is this BS?

I was promised breakfast!

12. Smart kid.

Raising him right!

How are your kiddos treating you?

Give us an update in the comments.

We look forward to it!