School pick-up for parents is like running the gauntlet.

You have to maneuver your way in there and fight fire with fire to try to get your kiddos in the car.

No doubt about it, it’s rough out there…

Check out these tweets from parents about school pick-up and see if any of them seem familiar.

1. Like Jekyll and Hyde.

Or something like that…

2. Ain’t that the truth?

You know it!

3. Stay far away from me.

Not in the mood to make friends.

4. How adorable!

That kid is going places.

5. Out of my way!

If you know what’s good for you…

6. I think you’re fine.

You do you.

7. Really gets the blood pumping.

It’s good for you!

8. Uh oh…

One of those talks.

9. Never mind.

Make them walk home.

10. Homer Simpson did this once.

Sorry about that!

Do you have any funny stories about picking up your kids from school?

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Thanks a million!