If you’re a parent, you know ALL about school pick-up and the challenges and issues that task presents.

Dealing with other parents, screaming kids, and traffic can make some folks blow their tops!

Read on to see some funny and accurate tweets about school pick-up.

1. You’ve mastered this.

But it’s still hard…

2. That kid…

This is not cool.

3. What a nightmare.

See you in Hell!

4. Oh, my name?

Forgot to mention that…

5. There you go!

Time to hit the couch.

6. Uh oh.

Major fail!

7. Thanks a lot…

The joys of fatherhood.

8. What’s flying around up there?

You might be in trouble.

9. Don’t do it!

It’s a trap.

10. Definitely not the same.

Not even close.

Do you have any funny stories about picking up your kids at school?

If so, share some good ones with us in the comments.

Thanks a ton!