Who out there doesn’t love dogs and cats, you know what I’m saying?!?!

You know it!

And today we’re gonna sink our teeth into some tweets about furry friends.


1. You know this look.

We all do!

2. Jealous much?

Here we go again…

3. Ummm, yes.

No doubt about it!

4. Not for you!

Keep an eye on this one.

5. Steer clear of it.

Or else…

6. Looks like a blast!

I wish we were all this happy…

7. I see you!

You can’t hide from me!

8. I see what you did there.

I’m here for it!

9. The Jeffs.

What a name!

10. Probably pretty confused.

You’ll feel better in a jiffy!

Do you have any pets at home?

If so, share some pics with us in the comments.

We’d love to meet them!