The older I get, the more ROAD RAGE I get.

It’s not like I’m bashing in peoples’ windshields with a golf club or anything, but I definitely get pretty annoyed at other drivers out there…

Because they are pretty terrible! And I’m sure you already know that…

And now it’s time to look at some more awful drivers!

Try to avoid these folks next time you’re out on the road, okay?

You’ll thank us later…

1. Stay as far away as possible.

What the hell is that thing? A giant hula hoop?

Protective shield activated
byu/kitsf inIdiotsInCars

2. I wouldn’t go near that thing.

Listen to me on this one!

Yeah, I’d like to have a double smashed windshield pls, thanks
byu/yusufmkI inIdiotsInCars

3. Guys, how did this happen?

The cars must have had magnets in them or something.

We have been forced quarantined for 48 hours. Notice the empty street and the closed gas station and these guys managed to get into a crash.
byu/clopz_ inIdiotsInCars

4. Definitely time for some new tires.

Those don’t even look real.

Unless racing, it’s time to change the tires
byu/ChronoFoe inIdiotsInCars

5. That’s pretty obnoxious.

Probably makes a lot of people nervous.

Thought I was being pulled over thanks to these illegal blue LED headlights
byu/abiflail0326 inIdiotsInCars

6. Just some good old boys having a great time.

They’ll get to the lake at some point…

Behind them for 30 minutes. “Don’t you have reddit friends that like this kind of stuff?” -My wife
byu/blacknmap inIdiotsInCars

7. They look like some Keystone Cops.

Way to go, fellas!

Two police cars managed to crash into each other in the currently empty streets of Milan
byu/PreviouslyMannara infunny

8. Stay far, far away.

At least a couple of football fields!

Windshield breaking machine
byu/YourBestAnswer inIdiotsInCars

9. This is totally not cool.

Who would do this?

This car driving on the freeway with white tail-lights. Scared the shit out of me.
byu/spoa69-4ever inmildlyinfuriating

10. Good luck getting that home.

Give this van a wide berth.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
byu/Nippely inIdiotsInCars

11. Got farther than I expected…

What was this person thinking?

Driver tried to cross pedestrian bridge
byu/320sim inIdiotsInCars

12. This is pretty wild. Looks like a movie.

Let’s hope no one got hurt.

My dad (a firefighter) just sent me this. The real question is how he got out.
byu/Jetster_B inIdiotsInCars

Have you seen any bad drivers out on the roads lately?

Or maybe YOU did something foolish on the road?

Share your stories with us in the comments!

We look forward to it!