According to modern beauty standards, a beautiful face is a symmetrical face. In other words, if you split a beautiful face down the middle, both halves would be perfect mirror images of each other. Both sides of the nose are shaped the same, both eyes are in the same position, both ears stick out the same way, etc.

We often think that because many celebrities are beautiful, they must have perfectly symmetrical faces. But do they really? The folks at UniLAD decided to find out using Photoshop.

The result was horrifying. Because it turns out faces that are truly symmetrical are also creepy as hell.

1. Tom Hanks

Photo Credit: UniLAD

The photo on the right is what Tom Hanks actually looks like. The photo the left is what he would look like if both halves of his face were the same. Or, if he started taking a Barry Bonds-ian amount of steroids.

2. Adele

Photo Credit: UniLAD

On the right: actual Adele. On the left: someone wearing an Adele Halloween mask that’s far too big.

3. Robert Downey Jr.

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Hopefully Ton Stark can make him a pair of eyeglasses to fix that.

4. The Rock

Photo Credit: UniLAD

He’s so perfect he evolved an extra esophagus just in case he needs it!

5. Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: UniLAD

So far Kim K has the most symmetrical face of anyone on this list. I’m sorry.

6. Liam Gallagher

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Symmetrical Liam Gallagher is also “Liam Gallagher with a Tapeworm.”

7. Meghan Markle

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Also very symmetrical! She must have good genes–something the British royal family desperately needs after centuries of inbreeding.

8. Johnny Depp

Photo Credit: UniLAD

This one looks like a very realistic Johnny Depp replicant that’s perfect in every way, and therefore passes on movies like Mortdecai.

9. Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: UniLAD

They used a bad photo for this one because Tay’s head isn’t straight-on, but at an angle. Expect UniLAD headquarters to be burned down by a mob of her angry fans.

10. Victoria Beckham

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Victoria Beckham, meet Florida Victoria Beckham.

11. Emilia Clark

Photo Credit: UniLAD

This is more terrifying than anything that’s ever been on Game of Thrones.

12. George Clooney

Photo Credit: UniLAD

So dreamy. You can gaze into those eyes forever. Which is how Android Clooney is able to sneak up on you and harvests your organs.


h/t: UniLAD