12 Cats That Are Definitely Defying the Laws of Physics


As if cats aren’t strange enough, sometimes they even like to defy the laws of physics.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Well, pay attention because you’re about to have your mind blown.

Because the reality is that cats are like ninjas. They’re quick, smart, and they can surprise us with their acrobatic skills. And I should probably also mention that they can be deadly…but that’s for another time…

The cats you’re about to see all contorted their little bodies and risked life and limb to surprise the heck out of their owners and us.

Let’s take a look at just what exactly these felines are up to…because I have a feeling they’re UP TO NO GOOD.

1. Anti-gravity cat!

Look at that cat go!

My anti gravity cat jaxi from aww

2. Can some please explain this?

Could be aliens, I guess…

Is it aliens? I can’t find any other explanation from GlitchInTheMatrix

3. Blowing my mind!

What the heck?!?!

Oh yeah from GlitchInTheMatrix

4. You gotta love it!

This cat is really a true ninja.

Anti-Gravity Kitty from cats

5. The elusive, floating cat.

It’s all a mystery…

This floating cat from confusing_perspective

6. Holding on for dear life.

Get a load of this guy!

PsBattle: This cat hanging from a screen door from photoshopbattles

7. There goes your dinner.

This is not good.

Oh God! Turn the gravity back on! from funny

8. Yes! I love it!

I spy, with my little eye…

This picture of my kitten in his cat tree always makes me laugh from aww

9. Are you from another planet?

I think we all know the answer to that.

My cat defying gravity from pics

10. That’s pretty impressive.

Bet you can’t do that again.

My girlfriend and I’s cat is full of adventure. Here’s him exploring the ceiling/top of the bathroom door. (also have no idea how he fit, let alone got up there in the first place) from cats

11. The longest cat of all time.

Is this a panoramic shot?

l o n g c a t from catsareliquid

12. That is WEIRD.

Could it be demonic possession?

My cat having a blast on his favorite chair from AnimalsBeingDerps

Now we want to meet your furry friends!

In the comments, please share some photos of your cats with us and tell us a little bit about them.

We’re excited to get acquainted with all of these fur-balls!