Listen, I’m gonna level with you: there are few things in life as satisfying as a great before and after pic.

It’s a fact of life, people!

These pics will make you smile and they might even inspire you to make some changes in your own life.

And you are in for a treat today, my friends!

So hang on tight and enjoy these photos that we’re confident will make you very happy.

Let’s go!

1. You’ve become quite the artist!

Keep up the great work!

Me and my art, 6 years apart. from pics

2. I had no idea about this!

How cool is that?!?! Very interesting.

This is the same horse 5 years apart. Gray Percherons are born black and slowly turn gray. from interestingasfuck

3. Now they are best friends forever.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

How it started vs how its going from aww

4. It was time to get rid of those dreads.

Hey, you clean up nice!

One day after cutting off 11 years worth of dreads from pics

5. My, how you have grown!

This is freaking adorable.

Three years apart, same boot from aww

6. I love this restored floor!

They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

1930’s parquet flooring restored today! from mildlyinteresting

7. You are slayin’ it, sir!

Keep moving in the right direction!

My fiancé began his weight loss journey last October. It’s now one year later, and he is down 145 pounds. from pics

8. From rags to riches.

This cat is living the good life.

Before and After. What a transformation! ❤ from aww

9. Wow. This is wonderful.

Practice makes perfect, right?

Two self portraits I drew from a mirror 10 years apart, aged 13 and 23 from pics

10. We’re glad you left that all behind.

You’re looking great! Congrats!

Left: 10 years into a heroin/meth addiction. Right: 3ish years clean from BeforeandAfter

11. Slimmin’ down and lookin’ good.

He should be very proud of himself.

Aged 16. 52 weeks and half his body weight lost. So proud of my son from BeforeandAfter

12. What a difference a year makes.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere. You are a great role model!

One Year of Hard Work: before and after my 190 pound loss in 2019! from BeforeandAfter

Whew! Those sure hit the spot!

Do you have any photos like these?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

And tell us the stories behind your photos, too!

We’d love to see them!