What do you think is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen someone post on social media?

Go ahead and take your time, I know you have a lot of thinking to do…

Because if we all know one thing, it’s that people act really DUMB online and they make ridiculous comments.

So while you keep wracking your brain, we want you to enjoy these comments that real live human beings actually made.

Go ahead and take a look…

1. Looks like we have a scientist on our hands.

Way to go, buddy! You nailed it!

Scrolling through Facebook and I couldn’t believe what I saw.
byu/cjen10 instupidpeoplefacebook

2. Well, we need to know all the details.

I’m gonna need some more information.

Is a male a boy or a girl?
byu/CMjunk87 instupidpeoplefacebook

3. That was so beautiful.

She’s a very lucky lady.

….I have no words rn
byu/TheFearlessGod instupidpeoplefacebook

4. Are you sure you’re not a Millennial.

You might want to check your birth certificate…

Local wise man shocked to discover he is a millennial
byu/Herodias instupidpeoplefacebook

5. Looking for “an exposure”!

Ladies, I’ve heard he’s single!

A strong early contender for the 2019 Darwin Award.
byu/The-Potato-Lord instupidpeoplefacebook

6. Wow…this is really something else.

You might want to consult your dictionary…

Proud racist…
byu/Nostalgic_Emperor instupidpeoplefacebook

7. I’m from the United States of Africa.

Have you heard of it?

United States of Africa
byu/gustix instupidpeoplefacebook

8. Not that Notre Dame…

Sorry to burst your bubble…

People who don’t know what Notre Dame is
byu/Statsomatic instupidpeoplefacebook

9. Ladies and gentlemen, Doctor Falsely.

This is so good.

I wish he was joking.
by instupidpeoplefacebook

10. Have you heard of windows?

Also, have you heard of mirrors…?

[deleted by user]
by instupidpeoplefacebook

11. I also think it’s against the Constitution.

I’d like to talk to this genius.

Quick, someone sue Climate Change!
byu/AmbulanceChaser12 instupidpeoplefacebook

12. “Simply don’t takin’ any sugar!”

Folks, there you have it…

Found this gem on a video about a popular youtuber’s brother suffering from cancer.
byu/meoimeoimeoi instupidpeoplefacebook

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