If you’ve been on Earth lately, and I assume you have, you might have noticed that there’s kind of a lot of stuff around. Things, if you will. And you may have further noticed that not all of them are good.

In fact, you might question how some came to be. You might question what sort of mind would conjure them. You might question how a loving god could allow such things to happen.

And then you might do as these people did, and take to Twitter to express your displeasure with these things.

Here are 11 things that maybe just shouldn’t exist at all.

11. Canned Bread

Let’s get this bread, but not like this.
Never like this.


10. Swedish Fish Oreos

Two great candies that are terrible together, just like nobody asked for.

9. Shoe Umbrellas

When you really really don’t understand how water works.

8. Denture Earrings

Excuse me while I go throw up about something unrelated.

7. Picnic Pants

Do you want ants in your pants?
Because this is how you get ants in your pants.

6. Vampire Pads

I’m not even gonna comment.
I’m just not.
You can’t make me.

5. Food-Flavored Sodas

Is it weird that this both disgusts me and makes me hungry?

4. Whole Chicken in a Can

Sort of adds insult to injury for the chicken.
You couldn’t even give him the dignity of a nice presentation?

3. Denture Combs


2. Hands Underpants

…I keep looking and looking but it never makes any more sense.

1. Peeps

I’d take the Swedish Fish oreos over these things.

There, glad we could clear all that up.

What do you think shouldn’t exist?

Tell us in the comments.