We all know what our food looks like once it’s sitting on shelves, poured out of a can, or on our plates at a restaurant, but most of us never get to see what our fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc., look like when they’re still in the fields or on the trees.

I hope you find these pictures as interesting (and enlightening!) as I did!

#12. Sesame Seeds

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

They look like beans!

#11. Pistachios

Photo Credit: Panoramio

I would have guessed some exotic fruit. And why are they not green?

#10. Vanilla Bean

Photo Credit: Flickr

*resists making limp joke*

#9. Kiwi

Photo Credit: Blogger

This is like some kind of fantasy. Like New Zealand itself, really.

#8. Peanuts

Photo Credit: WordPress

They have flowers! Who knew?

#7. Brussels Sprouts

Photo Credit: Flickr

These aren’t weird or anything. I just think they’re so pretty in their natural state.

#6. Almonds

Photo Credit: Flickr

So many of these are prettier than expected.

#5. Cinnamon

Photo Credit: Blogspot

Or just a tree?

#4. Cranberries

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

They’re green before they’re floating in a bog like in the commercial.

#3. Cacao

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I could not have picked this out of a food lineup.

#2. Saffron

Photo Credit: Garden of Eaden

Look how it grows in the rocks – I love the color!

#1. Cashews

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Wut. They look like peppers!

h/t: Bored Panda

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