About the time I turned 18, a lot of my friends started getting tattooed.

On their legs, their arms, their chests, etc.

And I thought to myself, maybe I’ll just wait a little bit before I take the plunge…

That never ended up happening and I still don’t have any. And honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t get some of the ones I was thinking about because they were STUPID and I don’t think they would have aged well since I was a dumb teenager.

But a lot of folks do go through with it and to each their own, right?

Here are some pretty dumb tats that people showed off on Tiktok. Let’s see what they did to themselves…

1. At least she thinks they’re funny.

You are the bee’s knees! Boom!


#duet with @hannanicbic

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

2. Never, ever get someone’s name tattooed on you.

Unless it’s your mother, of course.


#duet with @hannanicbic #ex#tats#regret

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

3. It’s called a “Bobby pin”.

This is taking fandom to a new level.


#duet with @hannanicbic probably my “Bobby-pin” sksksk #kingofthehill

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

4. I’ve definitely seen this one before.

Put up your mustache, bro!


#duett med @hannanicbic #fylletatuering ?‍♂️

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

5. Well, this is…unusual…

But hey, you do you.


#duet with @hannanicbic #viral #tattoo #dumb

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

6. A real work of art, right here.

Who drew this on you? I’m very curious.


♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

7. This guy is out of control.

Let’s all say a prayer for him…


#duet with @hannanicbic

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

8. She clearly has a cow obesssion.

I like to say, to each their own…


#duet with @hannanicbic #moo #cow

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

9. A matching tattoo…

With someone she barely talks to anymore…


#duet with @hannanicbic :))))) sometimes we make mistakes:))) its matching tattoo w person I barely talk rn and i got a tattoo of the worst year

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

10. Big commitment on this one!

No holding back!


#duet with @hannanicbic my favoriteeeeeee

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

11. My name across my toes.

Nice work! I’d give it an A+.


#duet with @hannanicbic #fyp #tattoo #badtattoo

♬ original sound – Hanna Nic

Do you have any dumb tattoos that you’re not particularly proud of?

Tell us about them in the comments!

And share some pics, too! Thanks!