Every high school in the world has some weird stuff going on in those halls.

A bunch of kids are thrown together for roughly seven hours every day, so you know things are bound to get wild.

Let’s get weird with some folks from Twitter!

1. Listen up, Sister.

Save those dimes.

2. It sure does.

I wonder if that was on purpose.

3. OMG.

That’s not funny.

4. A lot got done there, huh?

Big achievers at this school!

5. Safety first.

Well, it sounds like they knew what they were doing.

6. No dancing!

Was it the town from Footloose?

7. This is wild.

Doesn’t add up…

8. Grossed out!

And the bandit was never caught…

9. How’d that happen?

How unusual…

10. This is amazing.

I’m jealous!

11. Kiss the cow.

That’s weird.

Was your high school weird?

If so, tell us some WEIRD stories in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!