As the world seems to get crazier each day and we get used to spending all of our time at home, there’s been a rush at grocery stores to attempt to stock up on the essentials…and the non-essentials.

But some poor products are being left behind like a sad afterthought…

You’ve probably already seen this at your preferred store, but these photos will really drive the point home that folks won’t buy some products even in the middle of a crisis.

1. Not gonna happen!

2. I’ll take ’em!

3. They’d rather starve.

4. Yucky stuff.

5. I’m with them on this one.

6. A hard pass.

7. They don’t sound that horrible…

8. Those both just sound weird.

9. Not in my house!

10. Maybe they’re really tired of that song…

11. Free market research!

Those pics are pretty funny and hopefully we won’t have to deal with this madness for too long…

What’s the scene like at your local grocery store?

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