You need to get this day moving in style!

You know I speak the truth when it comes to funny tweets!

And we’ve got a batch for you today that you’re gonna love.

Check them out!

1. Don’t let them see you!

And don’t make a sound…

2. He’s about to get embarrassed.

Do it!

3. Might need a new strategy.

Getting way off base.

4. This is a good life plan.

You gotta be prepared.

5. Did you ever notice…?

He must be tired.

6. You deserve a treat.

Oh no, not again…

7. Are you sure about that?

That doesn’t sound right…

8. This could work.

It’s the only possible solution.

9. That’s not good!

But it used to sound good…

10. Oh, you’re worrying.


11. I agree with this.

Are you a health nut?

Have you seen any funny tweets lately?

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Thanks a lot!