I really need some laughs right about now.

Come to think about it…I need about 10 laughs!

And this collection of tweets is gonna do the trick in a major way!

See for yourself!

1. It’s an art form.

Are you good at it?

2. I’m your person!

You can count on me!

3. Good question.

Let me go ask the guy next door.

4. I’m freakin’ out!

To be honest, that is pretty cool.

5. I guess it’s not so dumb after all.

You knew he’d come around.

6. I can overnight it to you!

I said NO!

7. Thanks for letting us know.

Just trying to make you feel comfortable.

8. Try it sometime!

It’s a real blast!

9. It’s true.

No doubt about that.

10. Say goodbye.

The train that knew too much.

Now we want YOU to make US laugh.

Share some funny tweets with us in the comments.

We look forward to it!