Do you think that moms and dads have the toughest jobs in the world?

It’s definitely gotta be up there!

But along with all that hard work comes a lot of hilarious observations about the day-to-day stuff that entails being a parent.

Check out these funny tweets from moms that we think you’ll love!

1. This is getting ugly.

We got a bleeder!

2. That hurts.

She knew what she was saying…

3. You don’t want to know.

Just leave it alone…

4. Sorry about that…

It’s a day to day thing.

5. Please make this happen.

It would be better for everyone.

6. This kid is going places.

Raising them right!

7. She learned from you.

Great work!

8. That’s all it took.

You’ll save a lot of money this way.

9. Oh, boy…

Where did you learn that word?

10. Definitely your kid.

It’s rubbing off!

11. That’s a little creepy.

Deeeeeeep thoughts.

Okay, moms, how are you holding up out there?

Give us a life update in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!