All the moms out there, it’s your time to shine!

Because we’re about to get hit upside the head with some hilarious tweets about livin’ the mom life!

Have some laughs on them!

1. Gonna be a long day.

Good luck to you!

2. An evil one you got there.

She takes after her mother.

3. That would be wonderful!

Make it happen!

4. It worked.

Smart kid.

5. You got it!

Now you have to give in.

6. The little restaurants.

That’s cute.

7. A master.

Watch out for her.

8. Very interesting!

Gonna be a scientist.

9. Chip off the old block.

Good for her!

10. That’s a different story.

Not so funny then.

Now we want to hear from all the moms out there!

Share some funny stories and pics with us in the comments.

Thanks a bunch!