Dads can be freakin’ hilarious!

Even when they aren’t necessarily trying to be…

And they all seem to have the same sense of humor…

It’s weird, don’t you think…?

Take a look at these funny posts about dads who are doing it the right way!

1. Have you seen this before?

I’m sure you have…

2. Nice looking place!

I wonder who the builder is…

3. I guess I won’t sleep anymore…

Well, this is annoying.

4. The ultimate offense to a dad.

They really don’t like this.

5. Pssshhhttt. Losers.

This is how they think people show weakness.

6. Dads love the weather.

It’s one of their favorite topics.

7. That went downhill quickly.

He’s not looking so good.

8. You blew it!

And now you’ll pay the price.

9. What did you forget this time?

You again?

10. What’s the hold up?

Keep the line moving!

11. Just like Rambo.

You are a modern warrior.

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