It‘s pretty interesting how dated things look when you go back and look at graphics and how people lived their lives from past decades.

Heck, the 1990s look pretty old-fashioned these days.

But the 1980s? Oh, boy, stuff from that decade looks ancient now.

Also, the 1980s were just…kind of weird.

And that’s why we love the “80s News Screen” Instagram page. Check out the posts below!

Be sure to use the arrows on the posts so you don’t miss anything!

1. How bad is it gonna be?

Well, I’ll tell you…

2. And we have a winner!

This guy rules.

3. What does he have to trade?

I don’t think I want to know…

4. I’m into this in a major way.

Metal for life!

5. Tell me about the future…

I trust her!

6. Tell me about it…

When will it end?

7. Lot of wild stuff going down there.

You know it!

8. Aren’t we all?

She looks shocked!

9. She can tell your fortune.

I’m pretty certain of it…

10. Now I’m hungry.

This is pretty ’80s!

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