Man, do I really need a laugh right about now.

And I need it in a MAJOR way.

Hey, can you blame me?

The world’s kind of a mess right now! A pandemic, psychos in government positions, the list goes on and on.

Get off my back, would you!

Sorry for that outburst, I just really want to LOL…and these memes did it in a major way.

Let’s all laugh TOGETHER, my friends and colleagues. I think we could all use it…

1. Don’t be happy, worry.

Truer words have never been spoken…

2. Uh oh…this is gonna get ugly…

Do you think she’ll crack the case?

3. Wow. This is pretty dark.

All hail the Frog Kings!

4. Oh, Dad, don’t be silly!

It was just a filthy one night stand, that’s all!

5. We have to work together on this!

It’s of the utmost importance…

6. I’m good, I was actually just there.

Come to think of it, I’m still there.

7. The law of the giants.

Does this apply to you?

8. This is kind of terrifying.

That staircase is really something else…

9. He sounds like a smart guy!

Okay, on to the next subject.

10. They get to do whatever they want…

That is kind of weird, huh?

11. Never a good idea to get down at a Buffett concert…

Parrotheads are notoriously promiscuous.

Now we want you to make us LOL.

In the comments, please share some funny stuff that you’ve seen on social media lately

We want memes, tweets, photos, jokes, etc.

Thanks a lot!