Oh, boy, here we go again

It’s that time of year where you have to grin and bear it when it comes to dealing with your family.

And, unless you can cancel or decide not to show up for the festivities, the best you can do is keep your mouth shut, don’t start any trouble, and enjoy these funny tweets.

Happy holidays!

1. You know your role.

Just go with it!

2. Pretty much sums it up.

Sounds like a blast!

3. Does it happen in your family?

No comment…

4. Every family has one.

I hope it’s not you…

5. It’s about to blow up.

Here we go again!

11. That’s your problem!

Not mine!

7. All of these things are true.

Just a reminder.

8. It’s gonna be a long day.

We hope you make it to dinner.

9. Don’t even start with me.

Let’s try to keep it classy this year.

10. You had to do it, right?

You just opened a can of worms.

Are you looking forward to the holidays with your family?

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