You might believe that having children would make people a little more patient and maybe even a little bit nicer, but we all know that ain’t happening, right?

Because there are a whole lot of moms and dads out there who are the definition of ENTITLED.

And you’re about to meet some real beauties today!

Yikes! I feel sorry for the folks out there who have to deal with these individuals on any level.

Take a look for yourself…

1. I wonder if anyone actually applied for this.

This is more complicated than applying to the FBI.

2. Our house. Our money. Our rules.

This is just one big NOPE.

3. You have to be a churchgoer AND you have to be conservative.

Why does that matter? I’m confused.

4. Blocked for speaking the truth.

Well, you had to put her on blast.

5. Two infants should be pretty easy, right?

Of course, no big deal at all!

6. Not putting in enough effort, huh?

“She’s terrible.” Or maybe you are?

7. You have some time to spare, right?

I…don’t think so…

8. Good luck with that!

I bet no one applied…

9. Not only do you have to watch FOUR kids, you also have to cook.

Who would turn down that deal?!?!

10. I feel so bad for you.

No one will watch your kids for free? What a tragedy!

11. I get that she’s a single mom, but come on…

No one is going to do this for five dollars an hour…

Have you ever had to deal with any entitled parents?

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Thanks a lot!