Technology is changing at a breakneck pace. Every few years, it feels like some new device come along and completely changes the way we live. Can you imagine life without smart underwear? None of us can.

This is why the children of 2018 are having a completely different childhood than you and I did–so different that you and I might as well be from colonial times. Here are 10 things about growing up in the 1980’s that kids today can’t even begin to comprehend.

1. You had to watch TV commercials.

Photo Credit: Like Totally 80s

2. If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to go to a video store and rent it. And if they were out, well, too bad.

Photo Credit: Flashbak

3. You knew how to type, on a keyboard, using your fingers AND your thumbs.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

4. You memorized several people’s phone numbers.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

5. If you wanted to know information, you had to actually look it up.

Photo Credit: Smithsonian

6. If you took a picture, you had to wait before you could see it.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

7. If you wanted to hear your favorite song, you had to wait for it to play on the radio.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

8. If you wanted to hang with friends, you had to be in their physical vicinity.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

9. Instead of spending hundreds on a prom dress, you made one yourself.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

10. You used the phrase “roll down the window.”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

h/t: Throwbacks