Teenage kids gotta get roasted sometimes too, you know?

And if you spend time around these monsters, then you know that’s definitely the truth!

And these parents are roasting the right way!

Read on to see what they had to say to their kiddos!

1. Dear Jesus…

I promise I’ll never sin again.

2. Life with teens.

Sounds like a blast!

3. What can you do?

They’ll grow out of it…hopefully…

4. They certainly are picky, aren’t they?

Just go with the flow…

5. This is brilliant.

And so very true.

6. Kids today…

Cute, aren’t they?

7. Here we are…

Didn’t see that coming.

8. Explain that to me…

Human kids are DUMB.

9. You did it!

A major breakthrough.

10. That Roomba is smart.

The job was too big.

Have you roasted your kids lately?

If so, share some zingers with us in the comments.

We love this stuff!