Did you ever get in trouble for swearing when you were a kid?

I remember when I was about six-years-old and I called my younger brother a b**tard…and then my parents freaked out and I never said that word again in front of them.

Hey, what do you want me to say? I saw it in a movie and didn’t think it was a big deal…

Well, today we’re gonna hear from parents who might need to wash out their kids’ mouths with soap.

Take a look!

1. Clear as a bell.

What an angel…

2. This one is bad.

Poor old lady.

3. Start ’em young.

This is pretty hilarious.

4. Bless her.

She’s got that right!

5. You got this!

I sure hope he did.

6. Hahaha. Wow.

Only 2-years-old.

7. WTF, Dad?

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

8. The old switcheroo.

Please don’t say that at school.

9. I don’t give a s**t.

Let’s have a talk, shall we?

10. Fed up and not gonna take it anymore.

You’re in trouble now!

Have your kids ever totally surprised you?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments.

Please and thank you!