If you spend enough time with children, you’re gonna hear some funny stuff…

Because those kiddos are always calling all kinds of things by the wrong things and it’s a real hoot!

Enjoy these tweets and let us know if your kids do the same thing.

1. Don’t correct her.

Don’t even think about it…

2. Let’s all use it!

You gotta love this one!

3. Don’t eat that!

You know she does.

4. Great description.

Hey, it works.

5. Uh oh.

Be careful with that one.

6. Are those records?

Not quite…

7. Why not?

Whatever works.

8. They need a new marketing campaign.

Do it now!

9. Hoppin’ away.

This is cute.

10. Bat cheese.

Now I get it!

What funny names do your kids call things?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!