To all the ladies out there…

Let’s get funny!

Are you in the mood for laughter?

Well, these ladies came through with flying colors!

Let’s take a look!

1. Now it’s over.

He should have known better.

2. That’s HOT.

Or not…

3. That would drive me nuts.

Turn that thing off!

4. There’s a system here.

Believe it or not…

5. Keep him on his toes.

I’m sure he loves that.

6. Sounds like a nightmare.

No more!

7. What a dumb question.

He should have known better.

8. You heard me!

Uh oh…

9. Time for a refill.

Don’t question me!

10. Not funny!

You showed him.

Have you seen any funny marriage tweets lately?

Share some good ones with us in the comments.

Please and thank you!