You never know what’s gonna happen when you walk through the doors to enter a holiday office party.

Some people are gonna get wasted, some co-workers are gonna hook up, there might even be a fistfight in the parking lot…and then you have to face everyone on Monday morning.


So try to go easy this year okay? And enjoy these tweets that are right on the money.

1. Those magic words!

It only takes three!

2. Hang on tight to that.

What a gift!

3. You have blackmail material.

Forever and ever.

4. Hootin’ and hollerin’.

You’re a lightweight.

5. He knows you well.

You don’t want to ruin the party, do you?

6. You have your priorities straight.

I’m with you!

7. You know it!

Nothing wrong with that.

8. Still a fun idea.

But where’s the booze?

9. It’s gonna be epic!

Let’s hope everyone behaves…

10. You better not act a fool.

Don’t let them see your true colors…yet.

Have you ever seen any drama at your office holiday parties?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments!

Thanks a lot!