Most of us pass flyers when we’re walking by them and don’t give them too much of a second thought…

But you might start doing things differently after you see these hilarious and FAKE flyers from an Instagram page called “Physical Memes.”

So take a look at these and keep your eyes peeled when you’re out in public!

1. No thank you!

But, to each their own.

2. He’s a rising phoenix.

Keep an eye on this guy!

3. I want in on this.

What can I do to help?

4. She needs some love.

Are you up for it?

5. Totally worth it.

Don’t miss out!

6. No more of that.

It’s gone on for too long.

7. Seems legit.

He’ll take care of business.

8. This is about human rights.

A hot-button issue.

9. They need some help.

No doubt about that.

10. Show them some love.

I guess they’re hurting…

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us which flyers you like the best.

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