People Share Stories of What NOT to Do While Visiting Their Countries


Each and every society on this beautiful earth has different rules to follow. In one part of the world, you’re expected to tip for good service. In another, tipping is considered extremely rude. How the hell are we supposed to keep everything straight?!

We took to AskReddit to see what important information our friends around the globe want us to know when visiting their countries. If you’re planning a trip to a foreign land any time in the near future (or even if you’re not!), take a look below for some helpful tips on how to avoid major facepalms and make your stay as enjoyable and safe as possible!

#1. Do NOT tip. OMG.

“South Korea: Tipping is accepted in some places, but generally it’s safer to not tip. It’s seen as offensive and belittling.”

#2. Legally Blonde wasn’t making this up!

“Singapore: chewing or possessing chewing gum is a crime.”

#3. Unless you like piss…

“New Zealander here. If you are going sight-seeing, do NOT go to Auckland. There is piss all there. Highly suggest Taupo or Queenstown.”

#4. Cops = Bad

“Paraguay here. Don’t be a foreigner in front of a cop. DO NOT let cops see your passport or hear your accent. If you have a local friend, let them do the talking when dealing with cops. In fact just stay as far away from police as you can. Expect to cough up about 50 bucks every time you ignore this warning.”

#5. Never stand on the left…

“UK escalators in train/tube stations; never stand on the left, always walk.”

#6. Personal space, people!

“Don’t come to Sweden and sit next to people on buses if there are empty seats available. It’s probably the most valuable thing you’ll need to know.”

#7. Smelly feet? Too bad. Have some tea.

“Turkey: Take off your shoes when you enter the house unless the host really, really expressively states you can leave them on. And don’t refuse the tea. It’s rude.”

#8. Gang Wars

“Glasgow, Scotland. Don’t wear blue or green in the wrong parts of the city. To those unaware, it’s like if a Blood walked into a Crip neighborhood wearing all read, and vice versa.”

#9. Good thing mom taught you to clean your plate…

“In Mexico, it’s very disrespectful to throw away food. People work long hours and get paid nearly nothing. A full plate is a luxury.”

#10. ON YOUR LEFT!!!

“Denmark: Do not stand on or walk on our bike lanes. You’ll be yelled at like never before or possibly be run over by an angry cyclist.”