Vending machines aren’t just for stale Almond Joys any more. These days you can buy all kinds of stuff out of a vending machine, from movies, to cupcakes, to used women’s underwear. (Note that I said “can”, not “should.”)

And now, a daring German butcher has found a way to use the technology for his business, with the first ever sausage vending machine:

Photo Credit: The Local

Steffen Schütze runs a butcher shop in Friesing, Bavaria, but until recently his business was limited to what he could sell during the daytime. Now, thanks to his new refrigerated vending machine, his customers can satisfy their bratwurst jones 24/7.

So far it’s been a hit. Steffen says on his best day he sold over 300 items–and it’s not even cookout season yet.

The machine doesn’t just sell sausage, either. You can also get marinated steaks, potato salad, and even garlic butter–everyone you’d need for a cookout with friends.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Like many of the world’s great ideas, this one was thought up late at night after a few beers. Steffen and his friends were roaming Friesing in search of suitable drunk food, but all the sausage shops were closed. They had to settle for gas station sausage. Luckily they all survived, but Steffen knew there had to be a better way, and the vending machine plan was born.

Also, if you’re like me, the first thing you wanted to know when you heard about this was, “Is it safe to eat sausages from a vending machine?” Rest assured, Steffen has that figured out. The meat is replaced every evening, so it’s as fresh as possible, and the machine’s kept at a cool temperature. Even better, Steffen puts the freshest food in the front of the machine, so you’re not getting the oldest stuff first.

With that, in the spirit of Oktoberfest, we offer a hearty Ozapft is! to the people of Friesing, as well as a more cautious Achten Sie auf Salmonellen!

h/t: The Local